The Grilling Corner
How to Roast the Perfect Pork Shoulder

The first step to roasting the perfect "pernil" or pork shoulder is selecting a picnic shoulder (bone-in) instead of a Boston blade shoulder " butt."

The Boston blade roast is usually a boneless cut, perfect for pot-roasting, stews or  pulled pork barbecue. It is usually marbled as the top layer of skin is removed.

The picnic shoulder is a bone-in cut. It contains a higher level of fat as the thick layer of skin is left intact. Resulting in a roast that is full of flavor, tender and moist. Additionally, it is traditionally the choice cut for roasting.

The second step to roasting the perfect " pernil" or pork shoulder is selecting the spices. A perfect Dominican  "pernil" or pork shoulder includes the following ingredients:

Sour orange or lime juice
Olive oil
Dry oregano leaves
Fresh thyme
Black pepper
Aji gustosos or cachucha

These ingredients, except for sour orange or lime juice, are blended to form a pesto like paste.

The fourth step is to season the pork shoulder. See oven roasted pork shoulder recipe, for complete instructions.

Step 4 Patience, Patience, Patience. It will take about 4-6 hours to turn this pork shoulder into a succulent and tender roast.