How To Choose a Paella Pan?

Paella is sinonimous with Valencia, Spain where paella is said to have originated. Paellla recipes vary from chef to chef or cook to cook regardless of country. However, the most tradional paella is the Valencian paella; consisting of rice, snails, vegetables, meat and seasoning. Of course creativity is endless (e.g., seafood paella, mixed paella etc.).

Paella pans also known as "paelleras" must be wide, round and shallow with side handles. The best paella pans are made of stainless steel or carbon. These two materials react quickly to heat while evenly cooking the paella. They are topless, to ensure that the heat cooks the paella, not the steam induced by covering the paella pan. When choosing a paella pan size, please follow the these suggestions:

10” good for 2 servings
13” good for 4 servings
15” good for 6 servings
17” good for 8 servings
22” good for 10 servings
26” good for 16 servings

Please check our recipe:
Land & Sea Paella

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